In ancient times, the hearth fire was a place of warmth and safety to gather around; a place to come home to for stories, song and sustenance. It was a source of light by which to see and be seen, and its heat was a tool for transformation. The glowing embers held mystery and dreams, the flame spoke in its original tongue, and sparks lifted themselves into the night sky as beacons of possibility, wanting to become stars.

Many of us no longer live in such close connection to an open flame or a circle of stones, but we are beings who long for a place to gather in celebration and community, for ways to nurture and provide for ourselves, and for the opportunity to imagine ourselves as wholehearted, purposeful expressions of life on the planet.

Hearthfire invites you to return to a more ancient place, a home within yourself, to remember all of who you are, and to bring back the stories and songs that are gathered around your glowing heart, waiting to be shared with—and to shape—the world.