The Design of Your Beginnings

With the transition of the winter Solstice gradually expanding the length of daylight and with the timely reset of the New Year, we have recently experienced a sense of completion, and have greeted a beginning.

During the cold winter months, we’ve taken part in celebration and gathering. The essence of these celebrations is to mark a movement through a natural cycle that began as an autumnal climatic contraction into our homes and into intimate relation with our selves. In observing the parallel of nature, this contraction is witnessed here in the northeast as plant life dies off and the life energy is conserved within. Most intriguing is that during this time when the cold landscape seems barren, the soil is most alive with the fullness of vitality. You may put your hand on a tree to acknowledge the pulsing energy that now resides within deep reserves. We have witnessed these deeper reserves within our hearts and have perhaps experienced our own homes vibrant with life as we gather inside for warmth and light.

How we meet ourselves and what we have become aware of during the rhythmic passage from the autumn equinox to the winter solstice now begins to expand and take form as we enter a new year. A mindful exhale commences, containing all of the particles implicated by our personal experience. From this action some of us offer an intention, perhaps an aspiration, or merely a presence of being.

On New Year’s Eve, Hearthfire hosted a gathering to honor the essence of this juncture and all those in attendance experienced their individual piece of an intention acknowledged worldwide. At the Hearthfire, the evening was celebrated in song, story, feasting and play in support of each other in the nature of wholeness.

The growth of the Hearthfire inspires us to consider our essential nature and contemplate the practice of self-care during the shifting light and dark of metamorphosis. We may bring awareness to the ways we translate currents of innovation and waves of nurturing that facilitate our well being internally and externally. By initiating the act of gathering with community in creative expression, we are amplifying the personal expression of this essential nature in all of its beauty and multiplicity.

Please remember our upcoming Mandala dates, as we welcome you to participate in and share the design of your beginnings.

~ Shannon Algiere