We design and guide individual and small group experiences of Earth, Art and Heart—three landscapes that invite us home and inspire the creativity and self-care vital to conscious leadership in all fields.

A retreat is time outside our daily obligations and contractual identities. It is a place where we may practice nurturing and challenging ourselves to become more alive—where we may encounter our most brilliant self in a tree, a song, a feeling or a new connection.

We celebrate that brilliance with creative play, music and poetry, dance and movement, community dialogue, ritual and contemplation, feasting or fasting, and private time in nature. There may be occasion for a fireside chat with an artist, or a medicine walk, guided by a local naturalist.  

  • "It's hard to find words to describe Kala and Michael and the work they do. They are two of the most gifted and generous people I know. They are wise, warm and open hearted; and their work touches and refreshes mind, body and spirit.

    Kala and Michael facilitate journeys of self-discovery that strengthen personal connection to creativity, joyfulness and purpose. They are like a GPS system to our own interior selves. Being with them is transformative, and allows people to go back out into the world feeling more alive, and with a fresh and deeper understanding of their own capabilities.

    I love being around them. I always learn from them whenever I am; and I know the lasting impact of their work in helping me to be my best self."

    ~Robert H. Dunn, President and CEO, The Synergos Institute
  • "Giving myself the gift of two beautiful, replenishing days in nature was exactly what I needed. The retreat, with amble time for self discovery, meditation, and guided movement, allowed me to get clarity on the life I wanted to lead and to see the steps to make it happen.

    As a woman with the typical fear of disappointing others, the biggest blessing for me came at the closing session. There, we were given permission to disappoint, to honor ourselves, and to move forward with strength. That changed my life."

    ~Susanna Pitzer, author, illustrator, playwright
  • "Through the welcoming atmosphere of the space in which the retreat takes place, and the sensitivity to each participant's need and comfort level by the instructor; My retreat experience has helped me find a balance, and shift my response to the mid-life demands of work, family, and individual identity, from stressful burden to one of enriching and fulfilling reward. Enabling me to see how full my life is, and be both more productive and at peace with it."

    ~Todd Bauer, Accountant, Professor, Playwright
  • "I am for the first time exploring realms that I always assumed were not for me. The dreams that I never dared to touch... I was able to break through a wall of endless possibility that has brought full bloom to other areas of my life and from now on, that will serve me for a lifetime."

    ~Xian Horn, PR Consultant, Public Speaker
  • "... this work has taken me to a depth and place where I can stand on my own two feet and go out into the world and say, 'I am' -- I can taste a child-like ability to trust my inner workings again -- from this place, the world in my oyster. That is not to say that any of this is a cure-all, but life now has more of a spaciousness and sweetness to it ... what could be better. Thank you."

    ~Christopher Reed, Artist, Father, Community Organizer

In creating an experience for you or your group, we are guided by our love and respect for nature, our background in the creative and performing arts, our mission to encourage a more creative, compassionate and joyful world, and our own personal journeys.

We are located 40 minutes north of New York City, on private property nestled in the heart of the Rockefeller State Park Preserve. The park includes 1,400 acres of wooded trails, rolling pastures, hidden meadows, carriage roads, marshes, lakes and streams.

For more details or rates, please contact us.

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